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SSL Enforcer - Force SSL/TLS encryption for any browser or app. Block all unsecure connections.

Best security everywhere

SSL Enforcer ensures that you are using the best possible security everywhere. It can block unsecure HTTP connections, check for secure alternatives (HTTPS) and redirect the connections accordingly. The processing is automatic and transparent for the user apps.


SSLEnforcerSetup.exe SSLEnforcerSetup.exe (2.56 MB)
Version 1.54 (2019-03-22)
Windows 7, 8, 8.1; 10
SSLEnforcer.dmg SSLEnforcer.dmg (1.06 MB)
Version 1.32 (2019-07-30)
Mac OS X 10.9 - 10.14

Without SSL Enforcer:
Without SSL Enforcer

With SSL Enforcer:
With SSL Enforcer


Key Features
  • Works system-wide. Supports all apps including browsers, plug-ins, email, etc.
  • No data leaks. Blocks unsecure connections on the system level starting from the very first request.
  • Switches to secure connections (HTTPS) automatically if available.
  • Can block unsecure SSL/TLS versions and cipher suites.
  • Flexible rules based on application name, target host and port.
  • Does not use a tunnel or proxy server. Does not affect your transfer rate.


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