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SSL Enforcer for Windows Changelog

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Version 1.54 (2019-03-22)
  • Improved IPv6 support.
  • Minor log improvements.


Version 1.53 (2018-12-05)
  • Fixed compatibility with Connected Standby (InstantGo) technology.
  • Improved performance under heavy load.
  • Minor UI improvements.


Version 1.51 (2018-11-07)
  • New network engine provides better stability and performance.
  • Full IPv6 support.
  • Improved processing and management of exclusions over HTML page.
  • Main window behavior on autostart fixed.
  • UI is optimized for HiDPI displays and arbitrary scale factors.
  • Log messages improvements.
  • Other minor optimizations and improvements.


Version 1.31 (2017-10-24)
  • Minor memory issue fixed.
  • Release version has no static expiration date.
  • Miscellaneous optimizations.


Version 1.29 Release Candidate 6 (2017-06-16)
  • A problem with dynamic On/Off switching fixed.
  • Improved logic that can detect infinite redirection loop for some web sites.
  • Improved handling of disconnects – less warnings at the log.


Version 1.29 Release Candidate 5 (2017-02-16)
  • Correct handling of the situation when server closes connection unexpectedly.
  • Best-Efforts Mode allows all SSL/TLS version and ciphers. Now these settings are enforced in Strict Mode only.
  • More options added to system tray context menu.


Version 1.29 Release Candidate 4 (2016-12-14)
  • In some scenarios, TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 could be incorrectly detected as TLS 1.0.
  • Minor UI improvements.


Version 1.29 Release Candidate 3 (2016-11-10)
  • The feature that allows to add and remove apps and hosts to the exclusions by a click on the log content did not work properly on Windows 8 and 10.
  • Minor UI improvements.


Version 1.29 Release Candidate 2 (2016-11-07)
  • Fix for the error that happens when user switches account without log-off.


Version 1.29 Release Candidate (2016-10-26)
  • Enhanced digital signature to address Windows 10 Update 1607 requirements.
  • Fix for the problem when under special conditions SSL Enforcer may refuse some SSL connections.
  • Improved SSL checking logic.
  • Improved log messages and troubleshooting options.


Version 1.28 Release Candidate (2016-06-29)
  • A fix for a rare crash event and other minor adjustments.


Version 1.27 Beta (2016-04-25)
  • Customizable lists of allowed cipher suites.
  • Support for user-defined cipher suites.
  • Detailed statistics of secured connections.
  • Log and minor UI improvements.


Version 1.26 Beta (2016-02-15)
  • Cipher Suites control allows you to block unsafe/old methods like TLS_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA. For advanced security you can allow methods with Forward Secrecy only.
  • In Verbose mode, SSL Enforcer outputs encryption method for any TLS connection.
  • Minor problems with reliability fixed.


Version 1.25 Beta (2015-12-28)
  • SSL/TLS version control allows you block insecure protocols.
  • Monitor for SSL connections on all ports.


Version 1.23 Beta (2015-10-29)
  • Persistent cache file with SSL rules.
    Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\SSL Enforcer\https_cache.xml
    Mac: /Users/<username>/Application Support/SSL Enforcer/https_cache.xml
  • New SSL check logic with flexible timeouts.
  • More reliable driver load/unload logic.
  • Improved log messages.
  • Minor user interface fixes.


Version 1.21 Beta (2015-08-28)
  • SSL processing fix. Some hosts reported "HTTP response check failed - could not read response".
  • Improved SSL check logic in best-efforts mode.
  • Improved rendering of the log window and error output.
  • Minor user interface fixes.


Version 1.19 Beta (2015-06-29)
  • Improved handling of driver load.
  • Minor user interface fixes.


Version 1.17 Beta (2015-04-28)
  • Extended check for SSL certificates. Certificates with incorrect domain name no longer work.
  • Log window scrolling issues fixed.
  • Driver load/unload does not need reboot.
  • Minor code updates.


Version 1.15 Beta (2015-02-27)
  • SLL Enforcer application does not require admin privileges to start anymore.
  • An option to add or remove hostnames and programs to/from the exclusion list by mouse click at the Log window.
  • When SSL Enforcer blocks a web site, the notification page now allows adding the hostname to the exclusion list.
  • Autostart at login option added.
  • A more robust processing of hostname masks in the exclusion list.
  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Improved reliability and performance.


Version 1.10 Beta (2014-11-30)
  • Best-Effort Mode added.
  • An option to bypass certificate status (OCSP) requests.
  • Some compatibility issues with the third party filters fixed.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


Version 1.00 Beta (2014-07-02)
  • The first public release.


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