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SSL Enforcer - Force SSL/TLS encryption for any browser or app. Block all unsecure connections.


How It Works

This is a quick overview of the program. It allows you to start using SSL Enforcer within few minutes. For more detailed information please see documentation.


Install and Unistall

Download and install SSL Enforcer.

You can uninstall SSL Enforcer at any moment with Start‑>SSL Enforcer‑>Uninstall SSL Enforcer program or through Windows Control Panel. On Mac, simply move SSL Enforcer app to Trash.



When you start SSL Enforcer, it runs at the background and adds its icon to the system tray on Windows or menu bar on Mac.

System Tray Icon on Windows
Microsoft Windows
Menu Bar Icon on Mac OS X
Mac OS X

Click this icon to open the window with the main settings.

SSL Enforcer Settings

By default, SSL Enforcer works in Best-Effort Mode. It provides the best possible security whenever is possible.



Work in the Internet as you normally would. SSL Enforcer will monitor for HTTP connections and SSL traffic on the predefined ports for all applications running on the system. When it detects unsecure (non-HTTPS) connection, the following happens:

  1. The connection is put on hold. There is no data leak over unsecured channel!
  2. SSL Enforcer checks for HTTPS alternative for the given web site and URL.
  3. If HTTPS is available, the original connection will be transparently redirected.

    Forcerd HTTPS

  4. If no HTTPS is available, the original connection will be opened as is. If you enable Strict Mode, the original connection will be blocked and the web browser will render an error message:

    SSL connection not available in browser

  5. SSL Enforcer also monitors for generic (non-HTTP) traffic and checks SSL/TLS version and cipher suites. Depending on the settings, it can block unsecure outdated protocols.
You can change this behavior with Settings and Options.



To get more info about the SSL Enforcer activity, you can examine Log window. Several verbosity levels are available.

Log Window



While the default settings are OK for many users, you can easily configure SSL Enforcer for specific scenarios. In the main settings you can switch between Best-Effort and Strict modes. If you disable HTTPS availability check, SSL Enforcer will redirect everything to HTTPS instantly. This will speed-up the processing.

Advanced Options

In the Options, you can configure advanced parameters like HTTP ports, Exceptions and SSL/TLS options. Ports section allows you to force SSL security for non-standard ports. Exceptions will tell SSL Enforcer to skip selected hosts and processes.
You can also control allowed SSL/TLS versions and ciphers.

Log Window


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